How Screen Recordings Leak Our Information

Every business nowadays relies on SaaS products. Usually we buy a subscription, invite team members, and then work with it. Privacy is something to consider, but usually you somewhat have control over your data.

But there is this other thing of product: free products that we keep using and never want to pay for.

One of these is Loom

Yes, many, many companies pay for it. Maybe you do.

But how much does it help you to have a subscription, if some freelancer you hired for a small job now records his screen with your confidential company information on it? They quickly record your tech stack, your marketing secrets, or even your books. They send you a Loom link to review the work.

These Loom links stay online for a long time.

And anyone with the link can see them.

Yes, you could get a new seat for that freelancer. But we hardly do. Why buy another seat for a small job? And so contractors, freelancers, and old team members keep their Loom links up without deleting them.

Other people don’t care about our data privacy.

Loom is not incentivized to delete old videos (they want to lock you into a subscription)

How about a solution? But it must be a flat fee, so that we can invite as many people as we want. And if we want, we can delete the recordings. Because we have control over them.

The current problem: all screen recording softwares are subscription-based.

So we decided to build an alternative

It’s called Cliptill. You can install the single-user mode by yourself. And you can buy the multi-user mode, and we install it for you.

The only monthly payment is for a server. We pay 5 EUR / m for it right now.

Updates are included for the next 2 years if you purchase. And you keep control over your data, with unlimited seats. We sell a multi-user license for 990 EUR, which will be cheaper than a 10 seats license of Loom, and you break even after a year. Get a license here. Start with your email and we send you instructions: [purchase]

If you don’t want to pay for that, we give you instructions to install the single user mode yourself. It’s almost as good as the multi-user mode. But you cannot see who uploaded what. See the installation instructions here: how to install cliptill single user mode..

What does it look like, you say?

I wouldn’t say it’s beautiful, but it’s functional. Let me show you some screenshots.

We record via browser for now. We plan on making a multi-platform desktop app soon. If that happens we raise the price by 30% (buy now to get the reduced price).

Let’s talk about support

We are a small company, so it’s likely that I (the founder) or the developer helps you directly. The software itself has a backend where you can debug any potential problems.

And yes, we set up a ticketing system so you can submit requests for improvement.

Once we have a new version, you can then install it on your server. We publish updates every quarter. If you purchase, you get the updates for free for 2 years. If you got the single user mode, you can install updates yourself (we give you instructions).

Are you interested in product updates only, and not ready to buy yet? Sure; how about you opt-in to our newsletter? He sends updates once in a while about the things we are building: Click here.

What if you stop operating?

We are a small software agency. We make a lot of apps for insurances. We were founded in 2017, so it’s likely we’ll stay in business for at least 7 more years - according to the Lindy effect.

Also, you get the full source code.

In case you want to modify it, feel free to do so. It is not open source and we ask you not to sell it to anyone else. No, we will not track it. We trust you.

And in case something happens, you continue on with the code. It’s built on a modern stack of Ruby on Rails, fully tested, and has a very simple layer of javascript. Anyone can work with it, really.

What else is there to know?

We documented how we built this on my YouTube channel. For example how we came up with the logo. Check it out, and tell us how you like it.

We’d love if you check out Cliptill and give it a spin.

And if you are ready to get the multi-user license, hit this button [purchase now via stripe].

Or email me with questions, and I’ll respond and make this page better.

To our data privacy Till Carlos